Make access for donors and non-profit organizations easy.

Here at CertusWealth, we make charitable administration simple for our philanthropic clients.

Through C-Giving, a product of CertusWealth, a division of CertusBank, N.A., we deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for private schools, colleges, community foundations and other non-profit organizations through a unique recipe that combines advanced internet technology, integrated financial services, and expert back-office operations - all blended with our real-world understanding of philanthropic issues and answers.

  • C-Giving transforms your foundation website into an interactive front office for your organization
  • C-Giving opens online transaction portals for donors (fund status, contributions, recommendations) and organization administration (applications, progress reports, funding needs)
  • C-Giving includes two-way data integration with your back-office software: Online recommendations and stewardship opportunities FLOW DOWN, while grants, gifts, and fund balances FLOW UP
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