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We help you stay on track.

Find out how our CertusWealth Advisors can bring clarity to your financial life.

Gathering Your Information

Your financial needs and goals are unique, and so are your values and priorities.

At CertusWealth, our approach is driven by understanding who you are and what’s most important to you so we can provide advice and solutions that are tailored to you and your family.

Our first meeting will begin with a thoughtful conversation focused on:

  • Getting to know you, your family, your needs and your goals
  • Evaluating your investments and tolerance for risk
  • Mapping out future cash flow needs for retirement and other major life events

Evaluating Your Goals

Once we have all of this information in hand, we’ll develop a customized Financial Plan that assesses your current circumstances and recommends how you can reach your goals.

The foundation for all our work is your Wealth Plan which will outline:

  • Your investment goals and values
  • Your timelines for reaching your goals
  • Your tolerance for risk

We will review each element of the plan with you to ensure your understanding and agreement with every recommendation.

Implementing Your Plan

Our job doesn’t end with building your Wealth Plan. In fact, it’s only just beginning.

Your Advisor will remain by your side to guide you every step of the way, including:

  • Implementing a comprehensive wealth management program, offering advice and guidance with everything from making investment decisions to enhancing, preserving and transferring your wealth
  • Following a long-term, disciplined approach to investment decision-making that’s robust and resilient even in times of market volatility
  • Conducting periodic reviews to ensure that your Wealth Plan evolves to keep pace with your changing needs and goals

Reassessing Your Plan

We will continually reassess your investment portfolio, your estate and insurance plans to ensure that you remain on track to reach your goals.

On a regular basis, we will reconnect with you to:

  • Review the performance of your investments
  • Discuss any changes in your life events or goals that affect your financial position
  • Make any needed adjustments to your Wealth Plan

You can count on your Advisor to help you ensure that your Financial Plan grows with you and remains aligned with your life goals and values.


Find out how our CertusWealth Advisors can bring clarity to your financial life.